Forest Harvesting Contractors

Cable and ground based loggers

Fully Mechanised Logging 

Brolly Logging Masterton Hauler

70 Foot Tower Crew

Brightwater BE70 skyline tower hauler running a Falcon Grapple. Acme carriage as a backup. 

Thunderbird swingyarder pulling a drag

Swing Yarder Crew

Thunderbird 5335 swing yarder with grapple and buttrigging. 

Feller Buncher Job

Mechanised  Ground Based Crew

Tethered self leveling harvester. Fully mechanised extraction and processing. 

Why Brolly Logging...

Helmet Icon

Safety Management

Careful health and safety management from on the job owners. Peace of mind that your HSEA 2015 duties are sorted.

On target

No Stress

Getting the job done with no fuss even in difficult conditions.

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Top Notch Loggers

 Some of the best staff in the industry. Highly skilled loggers supported by ongoing training and development.

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Excellent Value Recovery 

Consistent high production and excellent value recovery. 

Stable and versatile

Stable and Versatile

40 years of harvesting history. Scale and skills to tackle any forest. 

Fully Mechanised

Fully Mechanised

Fully mechanised across the whole operation. Falling, breaking out, and processing. No men on the ground in harms way.

Awards and Certifications 
Forest Industry Contractors Association
ACC tertiary accreditation status
Safetree certified contractor
Brolly Logging Crew of the year PF Olsen Harvesting 2018
   Our Equipment 
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