Proud third generation loggers

Logging's in the blood. Over 40 years contracting experience. 

Crew 5 & 6 Masterton -  Wairapa

Brolly Logging Masterton Hauler

Brightwater BE 70 foot tower with Falcon Grapple Carriage

Brolly Logging Masterton

Based in Masterton Wairapa

Gerard Brolly Crew Manager

Gerard Brolly Crew Foreman

Fully mechanised cable logging. Tethered falling and grapple carriage to minimise manual breaking out.  70 foot tower provides plenty of lift and serves as a versatile tool for attacking the steep hills down here. 

Mechanised processing and high volume tonnage capacity. The crew are kept humming along by Gerard in the Wairapa. Contracted to Forest Enterprises Limited. 

Crew 981 Waikato - Central North Island 

Thunderbird swingyarder pulling a drag

Thunderbird 5335 swing yarder. Grapple and butt rigging capability

Brolly Logging Waitomo

Based in Waitomo Central North Island

Jude Brolly standing in front of Cat forestry loader and Cat 528 leveller

Jude Brolly crew owner

Fully mechanised swing yarder crew. Tethered falling and grapple carriage to minimise manual breaking out.  Thunderbird 5335 swing yarder is a versatile machine. Good for quick shifts and attacking settings with short to medium pulling distances. 

Mechanised processing and high volume tonnage capacity. The crew are kept humming along by Jude Brolly in the demanding conditions around the Waitomo area. Currently contracted to PF Olsens. 

How we operate

  • Keep safe and think ahead.  It’s a dangerous industry when you start taking risks and not thinking about the consequences.
  • Work hard and look out for each other. In logging you need to be tough and resilient to succeed.  Get it done right together.
  • Look after the forest owner. Cut the best value out of the timber and take care of the environment.  Everyone needs to be winning.
  • Think about the next guy down the line. Logging is the ultimate team sport. A few little changes can make a big difference for the next guy.
  • Keep things simple but keep innovating. Be constantly on the lookout for a better way. Always new things to learn.  
  • Give new people a go and develop talent from within. Some of our best loggers are homegrown and turned out to be rippers.  

Our People

Mike Brolly Owner Brolly Logging
Mike Brolly 

The Top Dog

Still on the job every day driving the skidder and keeping an eye on things. 

50 years logging and still hates taking a day off. Mikes happy place is in the skidder pulling big drags and watching the stockpiles grow. 

Jude Brolly standing in front of Cat forestry loader and Cat 528 leveller
Jude Brolly  
Crew Manager/Owner

Part owner and manager of the Waikato crew. Nearly 15 years in business with Mike. 2003 finalist for NZ trainee of the year, and 2002 finalist for modern apprentice of the year.

One of the up and coming young contractors to keep an eye on. Jude’s happy place, shovel logging and mechanised falling. 

Gerard Brolly Crew Manager
Gerard Brolly 
Crew Manager/Owner

Part owner and manager of the Masterton crew. Young but firm. Knows how to get the job done. 

Modules for every task including hauler, processor, falling and breaking out. A natural machine operator and all rounder.  Gerards happy place is falling steep slopes with the feller buncher.
Sineaid Smith Admin Manager
Sineaid Smith (Brolly) 
Admin Manager

All round office guru. Helps out with health and safety and smooth management of the crews. Keeps her father and brothers organised and up to speed with everything going on.

Part of the glue that holds everything together.  Sinead’s happy place - Gerard and Jude getting their staff hours in on time and Mike answering his phone.

Our Story

Brolly logging is proud to be third generation logging family.  Forestry is a big part of our history.

Over 50 years ago Mike started out logging Douglas Fir with his father and 5 brothers in Northern Ireland. Back then the boys used heavy steel chainsaws to fall and axes to trim.

From these humble beginnings the business eventually grew into several hauler crews working across Scotland. Mike then married his kiwi wife Siobhan and made the big move to NZ. 

They rolled into Tokoroa in 1982 with big dreams, empty pockets, and a burning desire to make it work.

With hard work, determination, Irish passion and a kiwi can do attitude, Brolly Logging has evolved into two thriving mechanised crews employing dozens of people.

Mike sons Jude and Gerard are part owners and run the crews under Mikes guidance. Almost everyone in the family has been involved over the years.

Joseph, Marie, Michael, Anthony, Katherine,  Sineaid and even young Conan have been part of the mix.

Brolly logging has come a long way from the old days. From axes, wire rope, tractor mounted haulers and cable skidders, they now have self levelling feller bunchers and  processors doing the hard work.

What hasn’t changed is the passion for logging. Its a great life. The roar of the hauler at full noise. The whole crew working as one unit. 

Wood flowing and loads pumping out. Working outdoors in some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. 

Cant beat it. 
John Deere 959 leveller cutting treess
Brolly Logging Ground Based
Brightwater BE70 working with a Cat processor New Zealand

   Our Equipment 
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