7 surprising reasons why logging’s a great industry

Loggers are a misunderstood bunch.

Most people think forestry is a bunch of yahoos working in the back blocks with a few chainsaws and an old bulldozer.

That’s miles from the truth. People would be surprised to know the truth about working in forestry.

Modern logging is a booming industry full of sophisticated machinery and highly skilled loggers.

So lets clear a few thing up..

7 surprising reasons logging's a great industry 

Work in stunning scenery
Stunning scenery in forestry

The view from the office can be breathtaking. Loggers often work around mountains, lakes and rivers in some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Every day is different, and the seasons are much more noticeable.

Definitely not the misery of being trapped in a bland office confined to a cubicle all day! 

Hardworking genuine people

Loggers are straight up what you see is what you get sort of characters. Work hard and win their respect and you can count on them to have your back. Mess around and your going a get an earful or a good kick up the arse.

The older heads love to help out the young bucks and show them the ways of the forest. Yes loggers are tough, but they can be bloody kind and helpful.

Having a laugh and looking out for each other  is a big part of logging culture... “come here boy, let me help sharpen up your chainsaw properly”.

Unlike most of other industries logging actually is a team effort.  Everyone has to pull together to make things work.

You need to think ahead and think of the next guy down the line. The camaraderie in a good crew is awesome.

It’s a unique life out here. It tends to attract tough hardy characters who like to push themselves.

Probably the most entertaining smoko yarns you will ever come across as well. It’s more of a lifestyle than just a job.

Get paid to keep fit

Worried about that expanding waistline or growing love handles? Not a problem if you’re on a chainsaw all day.

A few weeks cutting up or running round the hills breaking out will get you in ripped as Dan Carter and tougher than Richie McCaw.

If you love the physical stuff there’s lots of jobs available doing breaking out, falling, and manual processing or even log making.  Something for everyone.

No need to head to the gym as the work is a pretty solid workout!  Loggers develop amazing endurance and have legendary stamina. Nothing like the pride of a hard day’s work.

Cutting up on the skid

Drive incredible machines​
John Deere 959 leveller cutting treess


If you’re into heavy machinery with serious horsepower then loggings hard to beat. Like these beasts. Or this bad boy

Out here we have awesome loaders, skidders, bull bozers and processors. If its big and powerful we have it.

Some of the gear is bloody incredible. Like self levelling harvesters that climb super steep hills and cut trees down. A lot more exciting than driving a computer in the office.

Logging is becoming more and more machine orientated now. There’s still jobs for people working on the ground, but if you have a natural ability with machines you will love it out here.

Brolly Logging Processor at work
Awesome training and development – and good money

Logging has a  well established industry training and qualification system to help new entrants get up to speed. 

One of the best training systems of any industry. Every job has its own training package and qualification.

Getting started you learn about chainsaw maintenance and cutting on the skid. You could then progress into tree felling and breaking out.

Once that’s under your belt you can step into machine operating and management training.

Training happens on the job with the help of the crew. Helping the young bucks out with sharpening, cutting straight, reading the bush and other crucial logging skills.

Brolly Logging Loader Training

External trainers do come in  for formal  training and assessment.

In reality though most of the training happens when the old hands pass their hard earned knowledge onto the new guys…

“Hey boy, keep your head up be alert...don’t every turn your back on a machine...never trust a log till the bastards nailed  on your house”....

If your keen and have the right attitude you can progress quickly in the logging game. Most crews are run by owner operators who are keen to put time and resources into developing people who want to improve.

If you show promise you can rotate around different roles in the crew and add a lot of value to your career.

There are young guys in their mid twenties making over 100k per year driving swing yarders and falling machines around Gisborne and Masterton.

 That’s good money! Name another industry in NZ where you could make that sort of cash so young.


Picked up from your door. Dropped off back home.

Lots of things you would normally have to pay out for a covered in logging. A van or ute will pick you up from your door, take you to work and run you home.

No fuel or car expenses for getting to work! And your also paid travel time.

Brolly Logging work vehicle

While you’re at work all your safety gear’s  provided, and all the equipment you need to take of business will be there for you.

This cant be said for many other jobs.

If you’re a city slicker or office worker you are expected to make your own way to work and pay your own transport costs – and you don’t get paid for the travel time.

Sustainable forestry and sustainable products.  

People love moaning about the impact of logging. If only they knew the facts. Almost every tree harvested in NZ comes from sustainable commercial plantation forests.

These forests supply loads of jobs for the locals. From planters, loggers, truck drivers, mill workers and people selling sawn timber.

Logs from a commercial forest

All this money stays in the local economy and keeps our provincial towns humming.

The harvested trees are used to make paper, packaging, timber and other awesome products. All grown right here in NZ.

After harvesting the forest is replanted and eventually harvested again around 28 years later. Then the cycle repeats.

And don’t forget, every tree captures carbon as it grows which helps clean up the atmosphere. For every renewable forestry product used out there,  less use of non renewable products are used.

More timber products mean less use of plastic, concrete, and steel.  Better for the environment and better for locals.  Whats wrong with that?  

So there you go. 7 reasons why logging's a great industry. 

Other loggers could probably find 10 other things we didn’t mention. Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

If you know someone who would find useful do us a favour and share it up.

Keep safe out there. Logging for life!

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Brolly Logging Skidder at work
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